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A high quality website is must in the telecommunication era and a company’s presence online is the key foundation to any growing business today. Both in terms of global exposure and of social networking, it has become one of the main drivers of the success to many companies as it links them more quickly and easily to clients, partners and affiliations and strengthens their business relationships. With the ever increasing volumes of online commerce and the emergence of social networking services, potential clients communicate, form opinions and make retail choices through the the influence of the web plays an essential role in shaping successful brands and setting trends on the marketplace.

Our online offering will help firmly position your brand on the web and allow you to remain competitive in a world filled with constant market solicitation by creating a solid web infrastructure, enabling electronic commerce and applying search engine optimization.

Our web designers will work closely with you in order to define an image that enhances your online identity. By using existing designs or by creating new ones, our team will evaluate your needs to produce a graphically appealing and user friendly site that your visitors enjoy viewing.

The website development services that we offer covers the following :

Custom Websites

A custom-built website has a tremendous advantage by exposing your identity in the most innovative and effective way in order to promote your business. Our team will work in conjunction with yours to find the right approach to display and promote an online message that will capture the attention of your audience. Regardless of your business size, we will work side by side to create a result that will lead to success.

E-Commerce Websites

The primary target of creating an E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) website is to provide a selling/ buying service to your clients through a website that will showcase your products to consumers. An E-Commerce website will contain pages of your offerings with prices for consumers to execute secure transactions through various payment technologies. You will also have the opportunity to display a catalog, lookbook, promotions and create B2B or B2C business transactions.

Animated Websites

Animated websites will help create a long-lasting impression with your visitors and make you stand out from your competitors ! For many people, reading can get boring. By making the experience ‘interactive’, your users will feel as though they are in direct communication with you. Surveys indicate that by 2014, 77% of internet users will direct themselves to an online animated website format versus a flat web design.’Reading is work, animation is fun’! That’s why the use of animated content is exploding on the internet.

Our team of designers can help build a Flash or HTML5 animated website that will entertain your users and keep them reading through the different sections of your website.

Microsites/CTA ( Call to Action)

Many companies offer many products or a number of services which often means their websites are diluting their content and having difficulty in capturing key words to focus on everything they do which can reduce the effectiveness of their search engine ranking. To counter this, many companies today are turning toward microsites.

A microsite is a small collection of web pages focused on specific services or products that generated additional links and traffic to your website. We can offer a range of microsite design with a portfolio that covers products, sales, events, meetings and conferences