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Time to explore the new way of communicating with your target market. For many years, people have used traditional marketing to communicate messages to it’s audience but with time we have evolved and found that using a mash up of marketing techniques helped provide long term results.

BSocial is proud to provide in-house advertising solutions at a lower market rate. Here are the different type of services that we provide:

Marketing Strategy Consulting
Your marketing strategy is the game plan to attracting a new clientele and keeping those who are present clients loyal !

Prior to conceptually designing your marketing campaign, we suggest putting in place a strategy for the type of advertising your business requires. This will help us analyse the use of a good and successful campaign comparatively to one that would not result in the expected generated revenue. Your marketing strategy will be evaluated in various components using Business Analytics – we will help you determine dominant factors that are crucial for an impactful approach and message you wish to deliver to your audience.

Direct Mail Advertising
Direct mail advertising offers a more personalized touch. It provides your business the opportunity to communicate with a mass audience, can be targeted as well, on your offerings – new products, services, promotions – and direct them to your point of sales : website, store, affiliated partners …

Billboard & Transit Advertising
Billboard & Transit Advertising is made to expand the visibility of your brand, product or services. Creating a conceptual image can override the power of words -

Transit advertising is typically advertising placed on anything which moves, such as buses, subway advertising, truckside, and taxis, but also includes fixed static and electronic advertising at train and bus stations and platforms. Airport advertising, which helps businesses address an audience while traveling, is also included in this category.

Billboard & Transit Advertising is intended to communicate to an audience using a conceptual image that defines your product in an image versus words. Conceptual images are more often remembered in consumers’ minds comparatively to non-visual ads.

Point of Purchase Advertising

Point of Purchase Advertising must be done in an effective way that keeps track of your ROI. We will work with you to provide your audience with a shopping experience that will make them keep coming back for more. Displays, POP’s, packaging and store presentation are valuable assets to a consumer’s eye. It is a very detailed oriented way of selling your products and services to your audience.

In cases where stores are a point of purchase, we shall help you derive your clients to the appropriate locations using web application that are known as ‘affiliated marketing partners’. These web applications will showcase your products and send clients into the nearest store locations.

Print Media
The modern advertising techniques make use of many ways to convey messages to the consumers. Print media however, is one of the oldest forms of advertising methods. It also remains to be one of the most popular forms of advertising because it can reach a wider target audience. There are various different types of print media, which help advertisers to target a particular segment of people.

Newspapers are the most popular forms of print media. The advertiser in this case can choose from a daily newspaper to a weekly tabloid. Different types of newspaper cater to various audiences and one can select the particular category accordingly.

Magazines are one such form of print media that give a more specific target group to the client. The client can make a choice of the particular magazine as per the product. Our team will help you position your advertising in a specific category such as Cooking, Food & Beverage; Entertainment, Fashion & Style, Pets, Sports and Recreation, Technology, Lifestyle, Home, Health & Fitness, Children, Men, Women and other specific categories that will reach the exact audience that purchase your products and/ or services.

Newsletters have taking a different approach to communicating to their audience as it is established through an online tactic (emails) though is still considered among the print media division. Our team will work with your business approach to implement a tactic that will communicate with your present clients in order to keep them loyal to your business.

Brochures are given during a ‘live’ presentation – meeting, conference or event and will provide detailed content about your products and/or services. This type of print media provides your with the opportunity to give detailed information about your offerings.

Posters are forms of outdoor advertising even when used in an interior location. The message in a poster has to be brief and eye-catching as it targets a person on the move.